Are you an artist looking to display your work?

Whether you are a photographer, an artist or a cross-stitcher or you are simply looking for the best way to show off a special football shirt, custom picture framing is the right solution. Displaying your artwork on the walls is the best way to show everyone what you can do and to make the room brighter and more personal. Too often, art is hidden away in attics or behind sofas because it doesn't happen to be a standard size or easy to display. With a little ingenuity, it is possible to display almost anything. If you are wondering if something you own can be framed, then speak to your local custom picture framing company. They will be delighted to help you display your work. Here are three reasons why custom picture framing could be the right choice for your artwork.

The best size

Not all art is a standard size. While your high-street shops will only ever stock frames in the most popular sizes, you shouldn't let that limit your creativity. Sometimes, you will want to design beautiful miniature portraits. Other times, you could try to capture on canvas the whole sweep of a rocky coastline. If these pictures can't be created to a standard size, don't give up — a custom picture framing company will be able to create exactly what you need to display your work to its best advantage.

The best frame

Not every work of art should go into an identical picture frame. Depending on the colours you have used and the style of your work, you might favour a dark wood frame or a more contemporary approach. You might even want a frameless approach to showcasing your work. When you walk into some shops, you will only see a limited number of framing options, but custom picture framing allows you to let your imagination run wild. You can fit your work into almost any type of frame. Simply speak to your custom picture framing company, and they will be able to design whatever you want for your artwork.

The best glass

One of the most significant advantages of using custom picture framing is that you get to decide which type of glass you should use with your frame. You could select standard glass, but plexiglass is lighter and will not shatter like normal glass. Alternatively, you might prefer to choose a glass with high UV protection if your work will be displayed in a sunny location.